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Dyeing silk at home:

Dyeing of fabric at home is not as complicated as it may seem at the first glance. Here I will describe my dyeing method to ensure that the dye is homogeneous and stains free.  Silk dyeing requires anline dye or Marabu dye for silk – both dyes can be purchased at arts supplies stores. They are sold in powdery form in packets.


Pour dye powder into container, then pour hot water and and dissolve the dye completely. Then filter the dye through a piece of fabric to get rid of undissolved remaining dye that could leave stains on the painted fabric.
Then pour water into aluminum or enameled pot, warm the water but do not boil it. Then add the dissolved dye in required concentration depending on the intended intensity of the painting. When the dye has been mixed with water, insert silk that has been soaked in pure water and stir it well so that the dye would be well absorbed. The dye must continue to be heated. When the dye has been absorbed, the silk is removed from the pot and you must add vinegar (the proportion is indicated on the dye packet and depends on the amount of dye). When the dye has been mixed with vinegar you can put the silk back. You must stir the silk all time until the dye starts to boil. Only then the silk absorbs the most of the dye. You must not stop stirring to avoid stains. When all the dye has been absorbed and there is practically clean water in the pot the dyeing is completed and you can take the fabric out and rinse it. If the dye is very concentrated then the fabric does not absorb it all. In this case after the water starts boiling (dye has reached 100 degrees) you must boil and stir the fabric for approximately 30 minutes and then take the fabric out and rinse it.
Silk dyed in this way will be stains free and the dye will be very lasting. There are also dyes for dyeing in washing machines. Such dyes are great for dyeing cotton, but they must not be used for silk, as the silk in the washing machine looses its structure and shine; also the silk might get visible stains (like lines) in washing machine.


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