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Necessary silk painting materials:

You will need the following materials:

  • Paper to draw your idea;
  • White natural silk or thin cotton;
  • Needle and thread to stitch the silk into the frame;
  • Frame for silk stretching;
  • Special pencil for drawing onto the silk (you can buy one at art’s supplies stores);
  • Special resist that delimits the flow of dye;
  • Textile dyes;
  • Soft brushes with natural bristle – various sizes;
  • Effect salt  (not obligatory);
  • Hair dryer  (not obligatory);
  • Iron.

You should buy the pencil, resist and silk dyes in the art’s supplies stores as they have to be made specifically for silk painting. At the art’s supplies store you can also buy the effect salt and silk as well. You can also do without the pencil if you have an impulsive idea. In this case you can draw directly with the resist.




































































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