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For my silk paintings I use natural silk only and therefore it is important to know how to care for silk garments to avoid unpleasant surprises.


If the dye is correctly fixed on the silk after dyeing, it is very lasting on natural silk and you should not be afraid that it will wear off, when washing the silk. Still there are some rules that must be observed when washing natural silk to avoid fading of the dye. 
Natural silk must be manually and very carefully washed in warm water, and you should avoid rubbing the fabric. It is also better if the water is colder than warmer. Add mild washing detergent (for silk or wool washing) to the water (soap, shampoo etc.) and a little bit of vinegar. It is recommended to add vinegar both when washing and rinsing – it will help to retain the dyes’ brightness and will protect the dye from washing off. After washing hang the silk fabric to dry – do not try to twist or squeeze the fabric or put it into tumble dryer. It is advisable to iron a slightly moist silk at a silk appropriate temperature from the reverse side.
You should not wash the painted silk ties at home, however if you have a stain on the tie, better immediately try to clean it with a wet cloth, while the stain has not dried. Do not rub the tie intensively. Also you can safely iron the tie at the silk appropriate temperature, and it is recommended to put a cloth or paper between the iron and the silk fabric.


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