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Silk for painting:

Natural silk is the best material for silk painting (dyeing), because the dye is lasting on the silk, dyes flow well on it and the natural silk can be thermally treated. With the artificial fibers the painting is less lasting and after first wash most of the dye will wash off. You can also use thin cotton for painting, as colors will last as on the natural silk, but the dye will flow not as well and you will need more dye than for the silk painting.


How to tell natural silk from polyester and viscose?
First time it is difficult to tell apart by sight or by touch. You can take a few threads and burn them. Natural silk when burning smells similarly like burning wool or bones. The smell is very unpleasant. When the silk has burnt it results in a small coal that easily disintegrates when rubbed just like paper or firewood ashes. Polyester (unlike the silk) melts, but viscose smolders and smells like a burnt paper. If you cannot check the natural silk by the method of burning, you can take a longer thread from the fabric and disintegrate it by fibers. Natural silk fibre sticks to fingers and clothing just like a spider’s web.

Ponge – very airy, smooth, thin, transparent and sparklingly glossy.
Habotai – glossy, smooth, airy and semitransparent.
Crepe de chine - very soft to touch, glossy with barely grainy structure.
Satin – very glossy, smooth and soft to touch, wimpling.
Chiffon – very thin, airy and transparent.  
Twill – dense, glossy, structure like denim.

If any of the fabric types is described as crinkle, it means that the fabric has gathering structure.

Besides the above mentioned silk types there are more, for example georgette, crepe georgette, dong feng gauze, crepe satin, doupion and other.



zīda veids: ponge 5

svars: 20gr/m2


zīda veids: ponge 6

svars: 24gr/m2


zīda veids: Habotai 8

svars: 32gr/m2


zīda veids: Habotai 10

svars: 40gr/m2


zīda veids: Crepe de chine 6.5

svars: 26gr/m2


zīda veids: Crepe de chine 10

svars: 40gr/m2


The number after the silk type means the density of the fabric. The smaller the number the more thin and transparent the fabric is. For example crepe de chine 6.5 is very thin and rather transparent silk, but crepe de chine 10 is denser and less transparent than the silk fabrics.
































































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